Put On Your Thinking Cat (pun intended)

Put On Your Thinking Cat (pun intended)

I know that the passion of puns is not unanimous, but what can I do, I love puns. I think they are a reflection of a creative and intelligent mind, although one that does not take itself too seriously.

Today I propose to dig your brain to invent puns. It’s a perfect activity to pass the time when you have nothing else on hand. You only need your head and your sense of humor. Sharpen your mind, here we go!


For example, we could start by listing cats!

  • The cat Ether
  • A Log
  • Nip
  • Cher
  • Aclism
  • Erpillar
  • Astrof
  • Chup
  • Apult
  • Atonic
  • Nap
  • Egory
  • Amaran
  • Edral
  • Ching
  • Alyst
  • Atonia
  • Chall
  • Acomb
  • Holic

Of course my word plays skills are much better  in my native language but I nonetheless attempted to create a minimal list of funny names in English.

Challenge for YOU

Find new names of cats, or start a brand new list of teas (the Mana tea, the tea Tanic, the Par Tea), Sirs (Sir Titude, Sir Vice) … Share in the comments for the pleasure of all!

If you enjoy puns, you may like the Bonanza game which is full of bean puns and fun to play. Bean Tonic anyone?

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