I Wish You Curiosity

I Wish You Curiosity

Yes, you read that right: this year I am wishing you curiosity. I wish you curiosity to try new activities, curiosity to live exciting experiences, curiosity to challege yourself to see what you are capable of, to feel you are fully living your life. I wish you to have a year filled with curiosity.

Sometimes, you may feel like nothing is interesting to you or worth caring about. Don’t listen to those who say curiosity killed the cat. It’s your best tool to discover stuff you can be passionate about, to escape the apathy that routine inspires. It is that openness to unfamiliar experiences that will offer you opportunities for greater happiness.

“Life must be lived and curiosity kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life.” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

If you are sufferring from anxiety and/or depression, then curiosity can help with that, says Dr Todd B. Kashdan, a psychology researcher on the topic of curisiosity. Indeed, it is believed that a good way to fight anxiety is to shift focus from anxiety to something else, and this is where curiosity does its magic. Curious people also seem to live happier lives, have deeper relationships and enjoy better health, according to a series of studies.

“I call curiosity the engine of growth. You can’t find your passions or purpose in life without trial and error experimentation.” Dr Todd B. Kashdan

Curiosity involves risk taking. It takes courage to step out of the comfort zone. It is worth it though, out of the comfort zone is where all the good things happen. Discomfort is the price of admission for a meaningful life.

Challenge for YOU

Get curious and step out of your comfort zone. Go find something novel. Have a happy New Year of curiosity!

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