Explore Your Hood

Explore Your Hood

There is a nice park located at just a 5 minutes bike ride away from my house. I know it’s there, and I’ve cut through it a few times, but even though I’ve been living nearby for 5 years now, I just never really explored it. Today’s idea is to discover your neighborhood. What wonders will you find near your home? The ride I did last June was the spark that motivated me to start this blog. Read below to see what I found!

My Ride

I went biking around 7 pm, right in what photographers call the “golden hour”. You know, just before sunset when it seems daylight is softer and all colors appear more vivid. What a delight for the eyes! I pedaled along a few residential streets and a lovely blooming apple tree caught my eye. I even saw a small woodpecker hiding between the branches (sorry, I was not able to catch it in the picture below).

Blooming apple tree
Blooming apple tree.
Biking Path
Nice biking path.

I continued my way to the park and was greated by a spectacular rainbow. I felt lucky as we don’t get those everyday.

Spectacular rainbow.

A little bit further, I noticed how the dandelions were all blooming and stopped to take a closer look. A little American goldfinch passed by, but it was way too fast for me to take a picture.


I stopped by the small retention pond and there, I discovered not one but two duck families! The baby ducks were sooooo cute. It made me feel lucky for a third time in less than 1 hour.

Retention Basin
Quiet retention basin with ducks.
Duck family 1
Duck family with little ducks.
Duck family 2
Duck family with older ducks.

Challenge for YOU

Take a short ride in your neighborhood and post a picture of something nice you never noticed before.

What’s in it for you?

  • Physical activity is beneficial for health
  • Better home’s surroundings knowledge
  • Good mood from unexpected (good) discoveries: my little expedition turned out to have an unexpected but welcomed ornithology flavour. Feeling lucky to see all those birds (+ the rainbow) put me in a good mood.

My ride took a little less than an hour. This exploration could last longer or easily repeated many times to different locations. Although I went biking, walking would be just as fine. Choose your own spaceship and explore!

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