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This blog itself is something new I am trying, it’s a kind of meta-try! I’ve been thinking about writing a blog for years and finally decided to do it. I got my inspiration from a bike ride, wrote my first post and I was started. To me, this blog is a simple but effective motivation to continuously get out of my comfort zone and live a fuller life. As I write about my own adventures, I sincerely hope that sharing these ideas will inspire you to do the same. Hopefully, this can be my small contribution to making the world better and more diverse.


What could you possibly want to know about me? I am a creative person with a curious and scientific mind who has always dreamed of having ninja skills and building robots. I like to do all kinds of unrelated things such as fire juggling, learning languages (Spanish, Japanese, Russian), playing music (piano, ukulele, violin), practicing martial arts (karate, kung fu, tricking) and enjoying nature. I live in Canada, more specifically in Quebec city (yes, where we disappear under the snow during the winter). I am raising my two wonderful kids, Auronaut and Yourinaut, with my dear Sebonaut and work full time as a scientist. This blog is what I do with the little time I have left after doing all that.

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